History and Geography – clues of the time

Sometimes it takes great effort to learn something and often it takes a good detective as well.

There are clues in documents that made no sense to me.  Places I did not relate to and now with one small map and information from the archives in Trieste, I can make sense of the ethnicity my grandfather identified with as Dalmatian.

He spoke Italian, lived in Trieste, claimed to be Austrian yet declared himself as Dalmatian  on his naturalization documents to become a citizen.

The Dalmatian coast is part of Croatia and hence I believed that his original roots no matter where he was born would be from Croatia but then I would be wrong.  I only learned this after going to Croatia as an ancestral homeland.   But upon my return and after a long writing campaign I learned MORE from the archives in Trieste that my grandfather did not show up in the 1900 and  1910 census data there  but they did tell me he (they) were found in Cattaro.

Off to search in Kotor, Montenegro.   A writing campaign to two of the  archives in Kotor also known as The Bay of Kotor did not yield any information.   One person offered me access to the books there but she could not search herself.  Searching on my own I found this map that confirmed I was in the right place with the Kingdom of Dalmatia extending through the coast of Montenegro and the Bay of Kotor back in the early 1900’s.  The map  along with the report of them living there in 1900 and 1910  confirmed this is where I should continue to look and so I am.


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Below Freezing

The temperatures have been low lately ( 10-20 degrees) and that one inch of snow that fell days ago is still on the ground.   But we are ready with a nice warm fire.  The good news is the sun is out most days making it all seem rather nice.   Jack and Spike are fascinated with the fire – first they have seen I suppose.


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