Flying over southern New Jersey

Delighted to spend a few days with our Slovenian “cousins”  – we planned a trip to Philadelphia, the birthplace of America,  with a tour of Independence Hall and the Constitution Center, a ride down the Ben Franklin Parkway and an all around  tour of the city.

Not to ignore New Jersey, we decided an open air ride around southern New Jersey would not only be informative but fun and in a Waco UPF-7   airplane.   This is an original WWII era 1940 aircraft that was fully restored in the early 90’s. The Waco provides one of the best Air Tour experiences for passengers today. You and your co-pilot are seated side-by-side in the front cockpit while the pilot sits solo in the rear cockpit. The open cockpit environment allows for amazing views of the Jersey Cape and all she has to offer.



Marriage Document from Serbian Church Records

Finally!  After writing for years and emailing for months – Lilly was able to get the information from the church in Trieste.  Some of the mystery is solved.

It is hard to comprehend the vast changes in surnames when researching in Eastern Europe.  Other official documents refer to the same people with completely different surnames, at least to the untrained eye.  But this marriage document confirms that all the data and people Lilly found in Morinj, Montenegro is in fact correct and now secondary proof provided.

It still leaves the unanswered question of where Ruza was born but now we have a birth date and the names of her parents to help us search further and we know that Ruza was living and working in Trieste in the late 1800’s so this too should aid in researching.

We also know the name of her first husband, Drago Seferovich and can now search for the child – Alessandro Seferovich – who I believe is George’s half brother.  We shall see.

Thank You Lilly for pursuing this data.

Married: August 16th 1898 in the temple of St. Spiridon
Name and Surname: Pava Palackovic
Occupation: Mariner
Single, first time married
Born: July 23th, 1868
Father: Spiridon
Mother: Jane Lucic from Morinj
Fiance: Rozina, widow of Drago Seferovic
Born: January 14th ,1863
Father : Jovan (John) Pintersic
Mother: Ana
They are living and working in Trieste
Witness: Andija Nolic , (signed by Latin alphabet)
Peter Andric, mariner
Announcement given: August 2nd, 9th and 15th
Priest: Leontije Kurtovic

All the Hughes that's fit to print.