Digging deeper

Lilly has been searching remote towns and churches for records.  She knows were the family is from and has found several grave sites with the family name.  At some point these folks would be related however distant (genealogy that is)  it would be.  She sent a few photos from her last expedition (see below).

I am hoping her next trip to Herceg Novi and Kotor will yield some connective data for me – she is sure that we are on the right path and that there will be records for  mariners listing grandparent and great grandparent names.

I make this post for those keeping up to date with this search and also because had Paul not made a post in 2005 we would have never found him or the Danish clan four years later.

I am learning that “time” is relevant to no one and that things just don’t happen when you want them to happen.

Morinj  Kotor 007 Grave of Marija Palackovic, of late Krsto. erected by thankfull daughters Grave of Krsto Palackovic and Cvijta Milinovic, born Palackovic There are 3 gravesones of Palackovic, next to each other Morinj  Kotor 026

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