Trieste / Slovenia


February 2016  – Ancestral Update

Recent research by Tino and Carolyn with Legacy Tree has revealed a broader scope of family members on the Pintersič and Totto branches of the family adding children to known great grandparents.

Many of the Palasco’s and Pintersič were born in Trieste when it was part of Austria.  Prior to arriving in Trieste,  my great grandfather and his entire family were born and died in Montenegro.  My great grandmother was from Slovenia but I believe her family will originate in Italy in the north somewhere.

The Totto’s are 100% Slovenian – not hard to find once you know this.

Below is a link to a recent version of the “family tree”.  A little hard to read so open in a separate window and zoom in.

Maternal Family Chart

The surname Palasco has had several versions based on the country they lived in:  Palasco (USA), Palascovich(Autria/Italy), Palačkovič(Montenegro).  As has the name Pintersič with several version as Pintersitczh, Pintershütz and deriving from the base name of Pinter or Pintar.

Thanks to a friend who lives in Maribor,  I was able to get original birth documents for Nicolina Totto and her sisters along with marriage data for my great grandparents which is included in these reports.  Once I had that,  finding more information in the archives of Trieste took some effort but more was found.

Alas, there is no known connection of my Totto’s to this palace.  While I am informed that my Totto’s were elite fishermen, there is no way to connect them to the Totto’s of the palace.  This of course is all one can find of the only two Totto families living in Slovenia (or Capodistria) from the mid 1700’s- later 1900’s.  Does make me wonder however – how and why there is no connection and I will assume that there might be a Totto tie that goes back much further but not in conjunction with the branch of the family named Totto that is connected to the palace.


Two photos of the Totto Palace when I was there in 2014.


All the Hughes that's fit to print.