April 9 th 2015

Clans/Tribes of Montenegro – Serbs

Digging deeper into the country and history of Serbs in Montenegro, I’ve learned that the “clan” or “tribe” aspect still exists today but maybe not as it was in the earlier times.  Still a part of everyday life in  the 18th and 19th centuries, I am feeling confidant that my  ancestors were part of one of these tribes.   Some research will narrow down which tribe based on geography.   Akin in some ways to Scottish clans, some of the customs seem similar and for similar reasons.


In researching tribes/clans, I stumbled upon this old book, now part of the Google archives.  Rather interesting reading.


March 2015

The more I learn about Montenegro the more fascinating I find the area.  Such a beautiful place.  Here is one city that is consider part of the Bay Of Kotor.

Herceg Novi – from Wikipedia

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