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Austrian after all

How many generations does it take to qualify as an ancestral birth place?  I’ll have to think on this but as of this week, I can count at least two generations born in Trieste while part of Austria.   While there were Italians living in Trieste for hundreds of years, it was only in the twentieth century (1950 or so) after WWll that Trieste was given to Italy.   Therefore Trieste during my genealogical time frame is Austrian.  Need to be specific as usual.

We were told we were of Austrian descent but without proving this I was not claiming so.  Until recently we had no idea that part of our ancestral past include Montenegro but thanks to the kind people at the archives in Trieste for pointing me there and thanks to Lily for finding generations  from Montenegro.

I’ll seek one or two more generations back to confirm that the line does extend back in time  to Austria or perhaps find the surname in Germany or Hungary.

Feeling good about all this!